Saturday, June 4, 2011

Roadblock by Allison

Hey - here's my submission for "Roadblock". Had a whole lot of nothing going on this weekend, so I guess I'm the first to post. Also uploaded the process - in case anyone's curious. Looking forward to everyone's thoughts and feedback! I tried not to make him cute or funny which was a tad out of my comfort zone, but I'm happy with the outcome. Oh - and apparently I really suck at guns. =P


  1. haha niice first post! :D *pinky finger*

  2. Nice! I like the cartoony nature of you character. the "cooking badass". This reminds me of Cheeks style of cartoon, which I think is cool. I think a cleaner line would add to the appeal of this drawing. Also, the hand holding the gun needs a bit of love, but none the less, I understand where you are going with it. The colors are nice vibrant and fun. And I dig the bullet hole in the back.