Sunday, June 12, 2011


my version of Roadblock.. wanted to make him cater to the story of how he dreams to be a chef but also is giant guy who is able to carry a .50 Browning. So instead of him having a crazy badass pose, I chose for him to have leave his gun on the floor and pay more attention to the taste of the peppers. I hope the tat on his arm is readable also. But yeh.. let me know whats up ;D


  1. from the thumbnail he looked like a mouse man ahaha.. i think because the gun and the tube looking thing looks like a tail :p

  2. Nice job. I really like the humor of the character. He's a soldier who cares more about his food and it shows. I like the looseness of the render, but I think I would like to see the hands a little tighter. The hand holding the pepper on a glance is not reading (to me). I actually thought it was holding the gun attached to his chest. I think understanding and clearly seeing what the hands are doing makes it a focus pt, which is good.