Thursday, June 9, 2011

My version of Roadblock, let me know how stupid you guys think this is :)

Decided to do another one just for fun...


  1. Not very vegan-friendly, but it's still kinda funny. =) And man oh man is he ripped! I like the lighting effects ... especially the bouncing light on his pants. Great contrast there.

  2. Baconator...Interesting idea. This is funny...would like to see this more developed as well.

    The portrait is really cool. I like the idea of seeing him in a chef hat, but still being able to know and see his in army. The size of the head may be a bit small for the body (an easy fix). For my personal taste, I think there is too much red in his skin tone, but that is subjective. All in all, I like the feeling of this.